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About the job

It's been a year since you joined Kadans Science Partner. Time has flown by, and you've accumulated a wealth of experiences. You proudly share your journey as Project Manager, highlighting your contributions to innovative building projects. A quick glimpse of some photos conveys your pride and happiness in making the switch. At Kadans, you relish the freedom and space for innovative ideas. Your team, both in the Netherlands—where our headquarters is—and in Spain, Madrid, feels like one big family united by a common goal: advancing Kadans.

Could you be our new team member in Spain, Madrid? We're searching for someone who can lead our most challenging projects from inception to completion.

Innovate with us.
In 2024, the former Clesa factory in the Fuencarral district of Madrid will undergo a remarkable transformation into a science-focused center, with an investment exceeding 30 million euros. Previously abandoned since 2011, this iconic dairy plant will receive a new lease on life through a collaborative effort between the Madrid City Council and Kadans Science Partner. The municipal entity owns the property, while the Dutch company will commit approximately 30 million euros to its revitalization, following the Val-Verde project, which clinched victory in the Reinventing Cities 2021 competition, supported by the C40 network of cities. This competition recognizes sustainable ideas for rejuvenating neglected environments.
Val-Verde envisions a fresh hub for knowledge exchange and generation, boasting over 10,500 square meters dedicated to medical and biotechnology research. It will also house a conference center accommodating more than 500 attendees, a business incubator, and a versatile coworking space designed to attract scientific talent. Furthermore, a cultural center spanning over 1,000 square meters is part of the plan.

Pioneering sustainable urban development, Val-Verde will incorporate innovative solutions for energy and water use, carbon footprint reduction, waste management, and urban environmental impact.
Importantly, this center will be self-sustaining, not reliant on public funds.

What is your working day like?
It is Monday morning, and you are on your way to a meeting on location. You drive onto the site and see the beautiful building you have been involved with from the very beginning. You have been working on this project for six months and today the rooms are being delivered where the first tenants will soon be welcomed. You are impressed with the final result and walk around the building with a sense of pride. Because you have been involved from the very beginning, this feels like the crowning glory of your work. On the way to a new appointment, you share your experiences with your colleagues, because as a team you have achieved this feat together. You will soon be toasting this at the opening of the building, but for now you must move on to a new appointment.

What else will your job entail?
As a Project Manager, you are one of the most important links in our company. You supervise and manage all aspects of the project management of our portfolio. This consists of a mix of laboratory, office, and private site infrastructure. You will ensure that our properties are designed in accordance with contractual and market requirements, listening to the client and responding to the technical needs of our tenants. As a Project Manager, you will manage contractors, monitor the budget, and carry out internal reporting. You also manage the technical upgrades and modifications.

What are you aiming for?
For you, the customer is the most important. You ensure that our tenants can work with pleasure in the properties in our portfolio. You think along with them at the start of the project and feel responsible for leading this project to a successful conclusion. As Project Manager, you make an important contribution to the growth objective by realising housing. From the initiation phase up to and including the delivery and aftercare.


What we ask of you

  • Do you have at least a (mechanical) engineering or technical architecture degree at professional bachelor level?
  • Do you have experience in managing and realising (new) building projects, preferably in the knowledge-intensive sector? If you have knowledge of the laboratory world, that would be a strong advantage.
  • Do you have experience with the procurement of installation and construction components?
  • And do you have at least 5 years of professional experience in project management, or in a technical function within an industrial (and B2B) environment?
  • Do you have commercial and communicative skills, enabling you to translate the wishes of the user into action?
  • Do you have an affinity with sustainability and future-oriented building?
  • Do you have an excellent command of Spanish and English languages?

Do you have these skills?

  • You are technically curious, critical and want to work continuously on improvements.
  • You communicate easily and can explain technical solutions to different end users.
  • You have experience in contract management with technical expertise, such as the technical specifications of a contract.
  • You are organisationally strong and keep an optimal overview of the different projects. You know how to set the right priorities and act accordingly.
  • You are analytical and know how to distinguish between main and secondary issues.
  • You strive for correct administration when it comes to purchasing with contractors, installers, and consultants.
  • You also have a key role in translating user requirements into technical solutions.

Terms of employment

What will you get from us?

  • As a Project Manager, we will employ you directly, because we like to employ good people.
  • Good primary and secondary terms of employment.
  • Good balance between work and private life, based on trust and responsibility.
  • Plenty of training opportunities, in which you will receive all the support you need to develop yourself.
  • At Kadans Science Partner you will be working in an international environment.
  • Collegial and energetic colleagues who enjoy providing the highest level of service to customers.
  • As a Project Manager you will be given a lot of freedom and responsibility, and the space to develop yourself further and grow.

Why don't you want to miss this? Because:

  • You want to work for an international company. We are the market leader in Europe and play a key role in the development of start-ups that grow into global frontrunners in sustainability and innovation.
  • Knowledge and innovation are important drivers of economic growth. We develop ecosystems for a sustainable future.
  • You have a lot of freedom in your job at Kadans.
  • You will be working on very prestigious projects.
  • The position of Project Manager is a wonderful next step in your career as an ambitious professional.

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For questions about the position and/or the procedure please contact Hilda Jorritsma (Recruiter at Kadans Science Partner) on telephone number +31 6 11471129.


Hilda Jorritsma

Consultant Kadans

Hey, I’m Hilda! Are you interested in this position? I can tell you everything about this great job at this beautiful company. I would be happy to meet with you in person to find out together where your strengths lie and whether this is the right job for you. I hope to speak to you soon. 

Do you have any questions? please call me!

Job features

  • Madrid
  • Project Management
  • 36 - 40 uur
  • HBO